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CarpetGeneral Carpet Bonnet Cleaner 5857 - Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for Rotary Cleaners

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Bonnet cleaning is an maintenance cleaning technique used in commercial cleaning situations.  It is a low-moisture technique. Bonnet cleaning only cleans the top fibers- it is surface cleaning.  It does not clean deep down, like shampooing or extraction cleaning. 

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Benefits of Bonnet Cleaning:

- Speed: Carpet dries quick, allowing for businesses to remain operational.
- Ease: Equipment and supplies are easy to acquire and maneuver. 
- Inexpensive: Equipment and supply costs are low and doesn't require highly skilled labor.

When to Use Bonnet Cleaning: 

- For spot cleaning in between extraction cleanings, especially in high traffic areas. 
- When there is not enough time to use truck mount system.  Bonnet cleaning will still help lengthen the life of carpet, and will outweigh the cost of having to replace sooner. 
- When carpets have a history of being exclusively bonnet cleaned.  Because bonnet cleaning pushes a lot of dirt down into the carpet fibers, switching to extraction cleaning may cause stains to appear when the impacted dirt is lifted up. 

Application Instructions:

Spray & Brush Technique

1. Thoroughly vacuum carpet. 
2. Dilute 2-4 ounces of CarpetGeneral Carpet Bonnet Cleaner 5857 in 1 gallon of water. 
3. Evenly spray carpet with solution or apply with rotary shampoo machine. 
4. Brush carpet using floor machine with buffing pad or nylon carpet brush. 
5. Vacuum carpet. 

Bonnet Cleaning Method:
1. Thoroughly vacuum carpet. 
2. Dilute 2-4 ounces of CarpetGeneral Carpet Bonnet Cleaner 5857 in 1 gallon of water. 
3. Work in sections of approximately 100 square feet.  Use pump sprayer to evely apply solution to the area, 
4. With a rotary dryy bonnet and drive pad, buff area to extract soil and solution into bonnet. 
5. Vacuum carpet. 

Wet Bonnet:
1. Thoroughly vacuum carpet.
2. Submerge cotton bonnet in CarpetGeneral Carpet Bonnet Cleaner 5857.
3. Wring well and buff carpet in overlapping pattern. 
4. Rinse and wring bonnet frequently. 
5. Vacuum carpet.

Always pretest an area to be cleaned to insure compatibility with the cleaner.

Removes deep stains

Removes deep stains with ease. Greatly reduces amount of time spent cleaning carpet since we don't have to spend so much time scrubbing stains. Greatly improved my technicians efficiency.

Posted by Dan on 24th Sep 2018

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