About Us

General Chemical is a family owned business that has been supplying specialty chemicals to solve manufacturing problems around the world for over 40 years.

We began by supplying soldering fluxes to radiator plants and expanded our product line to include lubricants, cleaners, paint strippers, and more. Now, we are excited to begin a new era in worldwide supply capabilities for chemical solutions.

With our experience, most companies only offer a catalog of existing products that you have to research to try to fit your needs. We, at General Chemical Corp, are different. We survey your need, research and provide a solution for your specific manufacturing process. Our goal is to save you time, manpower, and most importantly money.

We take pride in our ability to solve our customer’s chemical problems. Our technical knowledge and customer service are world class. Our sales team is well trained and knowledgeable in the industry that they serve, with the technical know how to help you pick the right product for your job. Customers choose us for our technical expertise, wide range of high-quality products, and first-rate customer service.

customize a plan to save you time, manpower and money.

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