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Tubcoat 9350 - Thick Protective Coating for Bath Tubs

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Best Protection Possible For Your Products During Manufacture, Shipment & Storage!
Are you tired of too thin, runny enamel, glass, tub & porcelain protective coatings that cause a mess in application?
In search of a long-lasting porcelain bathtub protector coating for your tubs, shower basins or whirlpools?
TubCoat 9350 is all you need to safeguard your stored or shipped goods against damage! 
Get The #1 Coating Product On The Market!
This elite paint-on bathtub protection film will create a thick peelable coating around your fiberglass, porcelain, enamel surfaces, as well as tubs & shower basins, to protect them from bumps and burns during manufacture, shipment & storage.
The strippable bathtub protector coatings do not interfere the surface of your products, but safely wrap them like an elastic temporary protection film.
In this way, your products’ life is prolonged and they are guaranteed to stay in top condition, free of scratches and damage!
Why Choose  TubCoat 9350 Liquid Paint Coating for Bathtubs?

  • Water based formula
  • Easy application with airless spray, brushing or dipping
  • Forming a skin-tight peelable protective mask 
  • Protects against bumps & scratches
  • Does not damage the substrate surface
  • Easy to remove, as a strippable coating

Still Not Convinced?
Here’s one more reason! 
This high-end, paint-on bathtub protection film is offered by General Chemical Corporation, the world leader in specialty chemical products supply, so you can get assured you get a professional standard, ULTRA efficient, easy-to-apply product at an affordable price. 
Don’t Waste Another Minute!
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Ships in 1 Gallon Metal Can, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Drum 

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As an experiment, I coated a highly polished cistern cover with your TubCoat. The cover was exposed to the tropical sun, tropical rains and the abuse of stucco installers, masons, and painters. After 12 months, I peeled the “protective skin” off (the cover). It looked as good as the day it was installed. I was truly impressed! Now I know the tubs and showers we protect (with TubCoat) are perfect

Posted by Jack on 23rd Apr 2019
Showroom Quality!

Virtually eliminates tub repairs and reduces clean up costs. This protective peelable coating is removed in one piece like a big garbage bag enclosing all trash and debris revealing a fixture in showroom condition!

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2019
Thanks for the help!

I was searching for a product that would save me money and I found it with your ‘TubCoat’. I am a general contractor and we build multi-family developments in North Carolina and we install quite a lot of fiberglass tub/shower units. During construction these fiberglass units were getting cut, nicked, and abused and I couldn’t find anything to protect the finish surface and would end up paying hundreds of dollars per unit to have touch up fiberglass work done. The above mentioned product was brushed on an left to cure and weeks later when it was peeled off we saw a reduction in the amount of touch up needed by at least 98%. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Sharp on 29th Nov 2018

Before we started using TubCoat we had (problems with) scratches, rust stains, discoloration and repairs. With TubCoat our problems disappeared. It is a great product.

Posted by Tim Nichols on 29th Nov 2018

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