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StripPaint 9900 - Cured Coating Stripper for Powder, ecoating, and wet coatings

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 StripPaint 9900 is a strong paint stripper and remover chemical specially formulated for cured coatings.  Safe for use on multiple surfaces, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, stainless steel and steel substrates.  This heavy-duty coating stripper removes powder coating, ecoating, and wet-applied coatings.

Can StripPaint 9900 be reused?

Yes! StripPaint 9900 is designed to be used for multiple bath cycles. Bath life will depend on 3 factors. First how often the bath is used, secondly on the number of parts you run through the bath and the most important factor, how well the bath is maintained. You should get numerous cycles with Strippaint 9900. Any time you replace volume lost through evaporation, carry out and the stripping process you should replace the volume with 80% water and 20% chemical. So for every 5 gallons of lost volume you should replace it with 1 gallon of 9900 and 4 gallons of water. If you maintain this maintenance schedule you will get numerous cycles from this bath. If you can filter out solids that will help as well.


Use requires an immersion tank. Ensure there is proper ventilation and that industry standard practices are followed at all times.

Immerse parts to be stripped in a solution of 50% StripPaint 9900 and 50% water. Heat tank to 185F for 20 - 60 minutes.

Use pressure washer to rinse parts with clean water. 


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9900 stripper

This product is the real deal for removing powder coating.
The 9900 started working within a few minutes and after 20 minutes of soaking all of the paint was off the parts. I highly recommend this product.

Posted by Dave on 17th May 2023
It works well. Really well.

I restore Nathan Airchime diesel locomotive horns as part of my vapor blasting business. Sometimes they're coated with a tough layer of industrial paint. It is from hell, and blast resistant. I decided to try Strippaint 9900. It works great. I figured the paint would be softened or loosened, but the paint actually fell off the horn. I'm happy with the product. It's a good idea to use anti evaporation balls. At higher temps, it does tend to evaporate faster. I always tested it on a part coated with polyester based powder coat. The powder coat fell off the part. I made a video showing how it works. https://youtu.be/OqISooLotiE

Posted by Brad on 1st Jul 2022
Really Works!

As a garage mechanic, I've been struggling to find a product to remove powdercoat and epoxy paint since aircraft paint stripper was reformulated. I was skeptical of this product's claims but the price was worth trying. I'm glad I did because it really works as claimed! I immediately prepared a batch per directions and stripped 4 large pieces in the same initial solution.

Posted by Eric W. on 4th May 2022
Strippaint 9900

Works amazing

Posted by Terry on 25th Apr 2022

I was a bit skeptical of this product because it was fairly cheap and didn't require a business license to purchase like other type products. I wanted to strip the existing powder coat off of my calipers. When you use this product at the proper temp and dilution, it works amazingly well. I actually could not believe how easily the coating just stripped off after not even 30 minutes. It was effortless spraying off the 2 layer powder coating. This product saves so much time, it's a no-brainer. If you have any questions, just call and ask to speak with a chemist. New lifetime customer!

Posted by Tyler M on 11th Jun 2021

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