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StripPaint 9900 - Cured Coating Stripper for Powder, ecoating, and wet coatings

SKU: SP 9900 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

StripPaint 9900 is a paint stripper solution specially formulated for cured coatings.  Safe for use on multiple surfaces, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, stainless steel and steel substrates.  Removes powder coating, ecoating, and wet-applied coatings.


Use requires an immersion tank. Ensure there is proper ventilation and that industry standard practices are followed at all times.

Immerse parts to be stripped in a solution of 50% StripPaint 9900 and 50% water. Heat tank to 185F for 20 - 60 minutes.

Use pressure washer to rinse parts with clean water. 

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