Stripoxy 6840 - Cured and Uncured Epoxy Paint Remover for Metal Surfaces

SKU: Stripoxy 6840 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

Stripoxy 6840 is used for paint removal of cured & uncured epoxy coatings from a variety of substrates. StripOxy 6840 is specifically designed as an alternative to B17 paint stripper for aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Stripoxy 6840 can also be used as an adhesive remover, urethane paint stripper, and powder coating remover. Stripoxy 6840 is nonflammable in nature. StripOxy 6840 is a less potent version of StripOxy 6842. Low vapor pressure radically reduces VOC emissions. Ideal for soak tank application and also for spray application. Requires heating to 180*F.

Safe for use on non-ferrous metals. *Please use extra caution as this paint remover for metal can be damaging to certain Magnesium alloys.

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