Stripaway 4880T

SKU: 4880T Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

Stripaway 4880 T represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, strippable coatings.

§  It is an easy-to- apply protective coating paint for windows & primed wood frames

§  It is sturdy & reliable, remaining firmly put on the glass or wood surface 

§  It is in liquid form, effortlessly applied by spray, roller or brush

§  It is removed in a breeze, as an easily peelable coating 

§  It leaves no residue after removal, protecting the substrate surface

§  It is water resistant & great for humid & dry climates 

Stripaway 4880 T is ideal for use on glass, marble, metals, and thermoset plastics, coatings and paints.  


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