ScreenPeel 4220 - Tint Adjustable Coating for Glass, Decal, Parts, Wood, and More

SKU: SP4220 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description


ScreenPeel is available in any tint you want, providing optimum see-through and is perfect for most Applications including plate making. ScreenPeel combines the best in visual transparency and light safety of any ruby masking film.

General Chemical’s water based & solvent based fast drying Peelable / strippable coatings are temporary protective strippable coatings for various surfaces such as glass, decal, storage parts wood and others to protect it temporarily during process or in material handling.

Main Advantages

  • Results in a reduction of labor costs.
  • Once cured, it provides an extremely tough, uniform film.
  • Curing time can be cut considerably with the use of heat lamps (100°F), circulation of air and other factors.
  • Easily removed. Peels off in sheets which eliminates messy hand scrapping.
  • Safe, non-flammable.
  • Suitable for all substrates including polycarbonates, plastic and painted surfaces.

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