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Plastic Mask 7550 - Protection for Plastic Substrate During and After Molding

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Plastic Mask 7550 is a water-based peelable paint coating formulated for the protection of plastic and various other substrates. Manufacture, store, ship, and handle with this plastic masking without worry of water damage, oxidation, scratches, or other surface damage. Plastic Mask 7550 can also be used for processing plastic substrates at their melting points. Cured films protect the plastic substrates during the molding operations at temperatures up to 350F. Plastic Mask films can be peeled while the substrate is warm or cool revealing a clean surfaces with no residues or scratches. Protected parts are immediately ready for use when the peelable plastic masking coating is removed. No degreasing, scraping, cleaning, or further preparation is necessary before processing, installation, or use. Please note that Plastic Mask 7550 may stain substrates

Plastic Mask 7550 is a water-based plastic paint coating that will protect acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastic surfaces during and following the thermoset process. It is designed to be extremely heat resistant and easily peeled even after the thermoset process. The Plastic Mask 7550E is designed to protect these same surfaces after the thermoset process and once those surfaces are fully cured.


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