Peelkleer 5358 - Transparent Strippable Protective Coating for Walls, Windows, and Lights

SKU: 5358 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

Peelkleer 5358 is a water removable or strippable coating. This temporary protective coating is meant for various applications such as paint booths walls, windows and light fixtures where paint over spray accumulation must be readily removed. Peelkleer 5358 is also a very easy way to apply strippable coating for the protection of substrates from scratching and marring as well as substrate protection during polishing, handling and long term storage.

 Appearance: Blue liquid when applied, transparent with slight blue hue when fully cured

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Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Drum 

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