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PaverGeneral Masonry Sealer 5801 - Water Damage Protection Invisible Finish Sealer

SKU: MS-5801 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

PaverGeneral® Masonry Sealer 5801is a silane/siloxane emulsion that acts as a water repellent treatment for mineral substrates, such as stone, brick, concrete and mortar. PaverGeneral® Masonry Sealer 5801 penetrates and chemically reacts with the substrate to provide water repellency. After the emulsion breaks, these active ingredients react with moisture to produce hydroxyl groups. These hydroxyl groups bind with the substrate and each other to produce a hydrophobic treatment that inhibits water absorption into the substrate. This treatment does not change the appearance of the substrate.  Reduction in water absorption reduces spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence, thereby increasing the life of the substrate

Coverage Per Gallon: 

Pavers (concrete) - 100 - 125 sq. ft.
Concrete (troweled) - 300 - 400 sq. ft.
Concrete (exposed agg.) - 200 - 300 sq. ft.
Natural Stones will vary.

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