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MetalProtect 5201 - Anti-Corrosion Protective Coating for Metal Transport

SKU: 5201 Weight: 10.00 LBS
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Safeguard Your Stored Or Shipped Goods Against Sun Rays, Rust & Damage!
Looking for a pro grade anti-corrosion coating paint for your ferrous or aluminum metal parts transit?
Have you had enough of too thin, runny & unreliable anti-rust coating paints that cause a mess during application?
We have released an ULTRA efficient anti-rust/UV protecting paint that will wrap protectively your stored or shipped metal goods, enhancing their longevity!
Get Your Hands On The Ultimate Protective Anti-Rust Coating for Metal!
This high-end metal protectant paint will form a peelable coating around your metal goods, to save them from environmental conditions, UV rays, rain and resulting rust.
The strippable protectant coatings do not adhere on the surface of your metal parts, but wrap around them like a temporary protection film.
The result?
Your stored metal products will resist corrosion and your shipped goods will get to your customers’ hands in impeccable condition!
Why Choose MetalProtect 5201 Peelable, Protective Anti-Rust Coating for Metal?

  • Water based formula
  • Easy application with airless spray, brushing or dipping
  • It forms a skin-tight peelable mask for storage & shipping 
  • It protects against UV ray damage
  • Great for Nascent Ferrous and Aluminum Metals
  • It is easy to remove, as a strippable coating 
Do You Need Another Reason?
This premium protective coat paint is released by General Chemical Corporation, the world leader in specialty chemical products supply that guarantees max efficiency, convenience in use and best protecting results.
So, Don’t Hold Back!

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Ships in 1 Gallon Metal Can, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Drum

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