Isosolve 2000

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product description

ISOSOLVE 2000 is a blend of NMP and d-Limonene and is used neat in urethane shops to clean molds and as a general maintenance cleaner.  ISOSolve 2000 is a thin solvent base cleaner formulated to provide effective removal of cured paints, including epoxies and urethanes. It contains neither flammable ingredients nor methylene chloride. ISOSolve 2000 can be recycled if sufficient quantities are accumulated.


ISOSolve 2000 is used as received. It can be brushed on paint booth walls and floors to remove paint overspray, then rinsed or brushed with water. For parts stripping, ISOSolve 2000 can be used in a dip tank. Due to the flash point of the product (111°F), a dip tank must be kept at room temperature (70-90°F). Stripping time will depend upon the particular resin being stripped and the thickness. Prior to any use, test the compatibility of ISOSolve 2000 with the substrate being stripped.


Biodegradable Ingredients

Pleasant Citrus Odor

Low Volatility

Widespread Effectiveness


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