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GenPeel 1174 - Peelable Protective Coating for Plastic

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Spray on, Peel off Protection

GenPeel 1174 is a surface spray-on UV protection coating for direct application over thermoset plastics, acrylic, carbon fiber, and hair cell texture ABS.  This plastic protective film dries to form a non-tacky, tough, resilient temporary protective layer. GenPeel 1174 dries by water evaporation to form a durable water resistant coating. This protective liquid coating for plastics protects surfaces from scratches, scrapes, environmental exposure (including UV resistance), and more.  

Peelable protective coatings reduce maintenance and costs during transit, assembly, and fabrication. 


1 Perform patch test. Ensure surface is clean and free of dirt, oil, and other contaminants.
2 GenPeel 1174 should be used as received.
3 Spray a minimum of 10-12 mils of wet film. (Roller (1/8" nap works best), or camel brush can also be used.)
4 Let cure for 24 hours. Note: Temperature and humidity will affect dry times.
5 Peel off UV protection coating for plastics, when ready. Must be removed within 2 years. 

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