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GenPeel 1172 - Multi-Use Peelable Protective Coating

SKU: GENPEEL 1172 Weight: 11.00 LBS
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product description

Spray on, Peel off Protection

GenPeel 1172 is a surface spray-on, peel-off protective coating for direct application over a variety of substrates. It dries to form a non-tacky, tough, resilient temporary protective layer. GenPeel 1172 dries by water evaporation to form a durable water resistant coating. This protective liquid coating protects surfaces from scratches, scrapes, environmental exposure, and more.  GenPeel 1172 peel-off paint offers anti rust protection and UV resistance.

Peelable protective coatings reduce maintenance and costs during transit, assembly, and fabrication. 

Protective Coating Application

1 Perform patch test. Ensure surface is clean and free of dirt, oil, and other contaminates.
2 GenPeel 1172 should be used as received.
3 Spray a minimum of 12-16 mils of wet film. (Roller (1/8" nap works best), or camel brush can also be used.)
4 Let cure for 24 hours. Note: Temperature and humidity will affect dry times.
5 Peel off coating, when ready. Must be removed within 2 years.  

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