GenLube 6681

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product description

GenLube 6681 contains select additives to provide optimum lubricity during metal stamping and forming, resulting in extended die life.  The product formulation obtains the important balance of proper lubrication during metalworking, yet "vanishes" from parts to avoid delays in the manufacturing process, and minimizing the need for manual cleaning of components.  GenLube 6681 is non-corrosive and non-staining to aluminum, copper, steel, and their alloys. 

APPLICATION: GenLube 6681 can be applied by spraying, dipping, brushing, flooding, or roller coating methods.  The product should always be used as received. 

- Suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metals
- Suitable where surfaces are painted with oil paints
- Burns clean in annealing ovens
- Designed not to tarnish or attack metals
- Extra lubricity

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