FoundryGeneral Green Sand Parting 104

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product description

FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 104 is a highly concentrated green sand liquid parting designed to provide the maximum parting efficiency for foundry mold production. Generally, one application will last for ten molds and more. FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 104 improves green sand casting surfaces and reduces the incidence of sand erosion, scabbing, and other surface gas defects due to the great reduction of solvent absorption into the molding sand surface resulting in a weakened sand-clay bond. FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 104 is the most economical parting based on a per mold cost.

Recommended Application

1 FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 104 is used as received. Prior to application, patterns should be well cleaned of previous release agents and dirt through the use of a solvent.

2 A light film of FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 104 should be applied by spraying a mist onto the pattern. Avoid using too much, as it will eventually lead to a sticky film.

3 Reapply as needed.


• Inhibits corrosion of metal patterns

• Will not build up on metal patterns unless too much is used

• Will not attack the sand clay bond when used as recommended

• If sprayed every mold cycle, less parting is needed per mold

Material Compatibility Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Avoid strong oxidizing agents (i.e. bleach).

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