FoundryGeneral Green Sand Parting 102

SKU: F-96-H Weight: 10.00 LBS
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product description

FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 102 is low viscosity parting designed for particularly for automatic high production molding machines.

Recommended Application

1 FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 102 is used as received. Prior to application, patterns should be well cleaned of previous release agents and dirt through the use of a solvent.

2 A light film of FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 102 should be applied by spraying a mist onto the pattern. Avoid using too much, as it will eventually lead to a sticky film.

3 Reapply as needed.


• Inhibits corrosion of metal patterns

• Will not build up on metal patterns unless too much is used

• Will not attack the sand clay bond when used as recommended

• If sprayed every mold cycle, less parting is needed per mold

Material Compatibility Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Avoid strong oxidizing agents (i.e. bleach) 

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