EvapLube 3010 - Sprayable Rollable Vanishing Oil for Non-Ferrous Metals

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EvapLube 3010 is a premium quality, high performance, clear, low viscosity metal working fluid designed primarily for use in light to moderate duty stamping and forming operations of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals, while still finding application in some light duty operations with ferrous metals. Its unique ability to provide “thin film” lubrication, then evaporate quickly leaving no residue, makes EvapLube 3010 an excellent choice for applications calling for the use of a “vanishing oil”.  The prompt evaporation results in the manufacture of clean components, which readily accept welds, allow for adhesion of paint to process parts, and leaves virtually no residue to react with other processing chemicals; minimizing delays in the manufacturing process and the need for manual cleaning of components. Vanishing lubricant EvapLube 3010 contains select additives to provide optimum lubricity during metal stamping and forming, resulting in extended die life. EvapLube 3010 can be applied by spraying or roller coating.  EvapLube 3010 is non-corrosive and non-staining to aluminum, copper, steel, and their alloys. 


- Environmentally friendly

- Evaporates rapidly. Leaves virtually no residue and No Odor.

- Easier to remove after forming operation.

- Easily cleaned by acid or alkaline cleaner.

- Brightening not needed after cleaning.

- Waste disposal does not require special reagents.

- Increase tool life and ease of forming.

- Minimizes manual parts clean up.

Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Metal Drum

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