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DeckGeneral Down Stream Injectable Wood Brightener 4441 - Revitalize Wood's Natural Color and Vibrancy

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Here’s How You Can Bring New Life To Your Wooden Surfaces & Ensure Long Lasting Stains! 
So you’ve just finished stripping your deck from damaged varnishes, older stains and tannins and you’re about to apply the new stain. But your wooden surface doesn’t look clean and revitalized enough. 
This is the most common mistake that prevents your new stain from lasting longer. Now you can bring back the natural color and beauty of your wooden surface and maximize the results of wood stripping! How? 
Introducing The Down Stream Injectable Wood Brightener 4441 By DeckGeneral! 
Now you can efficiently neutralize the surface of your deck after applying a deck stripping product, like the Deck Stripper 4021 and rest assured that the pores are ready to welcome the new layer of stain. 
Why Choose The Down Stream Injectable Wood Brightener 4441?

  • Hassle-Free Wood Brightening – its concentrated formula is designed for use in down stream injectors, so you don’t have to struggle with brushes or rollers anymore! It’s faster and it’s more efficient! 
  • Leaves A Perfectly Clean & Beautiful Surface – by applying our downstream injectable wood brightener you’re not only making sure that all rust stains and tannins are removed, but you can also restore the natural beauty of your redwood, cypress, oak or mahogany deck. 

How To Use The DeckGeneral Wood Brightener: 

  1. Spray it using a down stream injector on your wooden surface
  2. Let it sit for 5 minutes
  3. Hose it off. That's it!

Your deck or outdoor furniture will look clean and beautiful again – all in just 5 minutes!

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Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum


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