DeckGeneral Hose End Deck Cleaner 5767 - Acidic Cleaner for Wood, Furniture, and Decor

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Restore Your Deck To Its Full Might!

DeckGeneral's Deck Cleaner is an acidic outdoor cleaner, perfect for your deck, deck furniture, and landscape decorations.

It is use to remove dirt, grime, light mildew, tannin and rust stains and is a MUST before staining or sealing.

Non-Toxic Cleaner Perfect For Your Landscaping!

Flowers and grass tend to surround most decks and if they surround yours, you're in luck!

You may have had bad experience with toxic deck cleaners that damage your landscaping, which is why you will appreciate our deck cleaner, as it will not harm your landscaping at all.

You will not find bleach, chlorines, or phosphates in our deck cleaners!

Recommended Application:

  1. Spray the cleaner on the desired surface
  2. When finished, rinse with water

Make sure you do not use this deck cleaner in conjunction with strong oxidizing agents such as bleach, strong reducing agents, strong bases, such as ammonia, and soft metals, such as aluminum. 

If we can promise you one thing, it's that if you love a clean deck, you will LOVE this product!

So Scroll Up, Click "Add To Cart" And Place Your Order For DeckGeneral's Deck Cleaner.   

Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum

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