CarpetGeneral POG Remover 9452 - Simple Effective Stain Remover

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Leaves No Stain Behind! Treats Your Carpets With Respect!

Still trying to find a reliable, safe, potent and actually working carpet stain removing solution?

No worries! We have even got one for last night’s red wine spot!

Have a look at our wonderful carpet stain remover and cleansing solutions and find the right ones for you! Tackle any stain imaginable without ever compromising on quality. Enjoy perfectly clean carpets and flawless upholstery from now on.

Your home deserves the best! Your customers as well. This carpet stain cleaner is ideal for personal and professional use. Satisfied customers, means repeated customers, right?

For Messes That Are Bound To Happen …

Entering The CarpetGeneral Carpet Stain Remover Solution!

The CarpetGeneral solution represents the perfect image of strength and efficiency. It is a non volatile solution made from a special blend of powerful solvents and surface active agents that facilitates stain removal to the fullest.

No need to wait forever. Just spray the infected area, wait for a few secs and gently scrape! Wait till it’s dry and use again.

The powerful formula can even remove petroleum based spots from carpets, bath mats, runner rugs, floors, upholstery, walls and any other place you have in mind. Works miracles on various stains like grease, oil, paint, tar, mildew, crayons and even pet related odors!

5+1 Uses Of This Stain Remover Solution:

· … kitchen.

· … sink.

· … bathroom.

· … garage.

· … office.

· … factory.

What are you waiting for?

Exterminate Tough Stains To Their Core! Just Click Add To Cart Now!

Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum


cleared out a engine oil stain really well for me

Posted by Amazon Customer on 4th Aug 2020
New to me, but excellent results

I was a bit skeptical when I order this product and it seemed a bit expensive. I'm NOT disappointed! It got the grease stains out of my carpet. Then I used it on parking garage floor with the same excellent . Next, I used it on an epoxy coated garage floor and it worked very well there too. I put water on the floor, then splashed some of the product onto the wet floor and used a deck brush to work it in. After hosing it all off, the floors look almost new. I'd definitely recommend the POG remover and plan to order more of it.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 2nd Jul 2020
If you have a per, you need this cleaner.

It cleans but more than that. It removes all hint of a dog and his presence. The scent is clean. I keep it on hand to clean all messes immediately. I never have to worry about any kind of odor.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 24th Dec 2019
Worked for me

I have only tried it once, on some type of red spots on carpet, maybe some type of cosmetic.
It did remove the spot.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 26th Oct 2019
Works Great!

Since I clean carpet professionally I am always reluctant to try new products. Just tried this for the first time and am very happy with the result. Will fill out another survey after we have used it for several months. Price was right received discount on freight by purchasing more than one gallon.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 21st Oct 2019
Use Everywhere

I bought this for my carpet but I've since used it everywhere- my kitchen sink and counter, my tub, my office. Has even gotten rid of red wine and coffee stains!

Posted by Karen L. on 26th Sep 2018

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