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CarpetGeneral Citrus Gel Spotter 5817 - Remove the Toughest Pet, Grease, Coffee, and Wine Stains

SKU: CGS-5817 Weight: 3.00 LBS
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Make Your Carpet Cleaning As Easy As Possible! Without Breaking The Bank!

Are your carpets susceptible to …

… stains?

… spots?

… mud?

… oil?

… or grease?

From black coffee, red wine, chocolate spread, curry sauces, grease or even blood, the CarpetGeneral citrus gel spotter is the way to go! Search no more! The finest and most reliable carpet stain cleaner has finally arrived.

Order yours today and handle any stain related emergency tomorrow!

Suitable for professional, industrial, automotive and janitorial use. Great for your home as well.

Thick Gel Formula Conforms To Your Needs!

Opting for a stain cleansing product that offers deep fiber penetration, effortless rinsing and speedy stain removal? Do you still need more? This citrus gel spotter solution ensures optimal fiber protection and long lasting citrus scents!

Mix the gel with water to achieve the best results possible and make the cleansing solution last longer! Save your precious time and hard earned money with just a CarpetGeneral gel spotter gallon.

Use it to effectively remove all kinds of stains. Like pet stains, silicone, adhesive, sealants, paint, grease and grime, ink, markers, soot, tar, wax and oils.

Easy Apply – Easy Go!

Apply some of our biodegradable gel cleaner on the stained area, allow it to work its magic for up to 2 minutes and then rinse with some water. Wait till the surface is dry and then enjoy!

Safe for carpets, upholstery, rugs, mats, tile and hardwood floors, car interiors, boats, garage, toilet, boats, tools and more.

What are you waiting for?

For Safe, Fast & Trustworthy Stain Removing Performances! Just Click Add To Cart Now!


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