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CarpetGeneral Carpet Odor Absorber 4278 - Eliminate Smells from Pets, Dirt, and More

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Experience A Deep Carpet Cleaning. With A CarpetGeneral Deodorizer Solution In Your Hands! 
One drop of our carpet deodorizer could …
… eliminate pet urine stains.
… keep your floors perfectly clean.
… be used on various surfaces and areas.
… work miracles at home or outdoors.
… make you forget about organic odors once and for all. 
The time has come for you to try this highly potent carpet deodorizer. Revolutionize your carpet cleaning game and enjoy a pleasant raspberry scent at home!
Here Is How It Really Works:
CarpetGeneral Carpet Deodorizer 4278 is not a cover up fragrance, but actually chemically bonds with the odor molecule, changes its structure and destroys the odor to its core. 
When applied properly to the odor source, it can permanently neutralize dog or cat urine odors, and most other animal and organic odors as well. No need to scrub all the time. No need to tire your hands. No need to spend a small fortune on professional carpet cleaning.
You have the power in your hands. You have the CarpetGeneral carpet deodorizers by your side!

This Carpet Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator …
ï‚· … spreads easily on any surface and dries fast. ï‚·

    … is perfect for personal and professional use!  ï‚·

    … prevents the escaping of the odors. ï‚·

    … never masks or covers up smells. ï‚·

    … eliminates even the toughest odors. ï‚·

    … leaves your carpet smelling great! Raspberry fragrance to the rescue! ï‚·

    … is what you have been looking for.

What are you waiting for?
Spray, Brush, Wait & Go. 
So Long Nasty Carpet Odors! Welcome CarpetGeneral Deodorizers!
Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now! 

Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum

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Amazing product

Works great on carpet that has been destroyed with cat pee

Posted by James weaver on 5th Mar 2020
I highly recommend this product

I have a Puppy who is being house trained. This product cleans and removes both odors and stains very effectively. I highly recommend this product.

It's also good for general cleaning, leaving the carpet significantly cleaner.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 13th Oct 2014

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