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CarpetGeneral Carpet Degreaser 5673 - Sanitizer, Cleaner, and Carpet Degreaser

SKU: CD-5673 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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Here’s The #1 Mom-Approved Cleaning Hack That Will Help Remove Stains From Your Surfaces Effortlessly! 
Looking for an industrial-strength degreaser for your garage carpet? Want to remove stains from your car upholstery effortlessly? Need a heavy-duty and powerful degreaser cleaner for your carpet or driveway? 
Introducing The Ultra-Powerful Carpet Degreaser Cleaner By CarpetGeneral!
Now you don’t have to rely on all those low-quality automotive degreasers anymore, since our multipurpose degreaser is finally here to make sure that even the most heavily soiled areas are spotless! 
The powerful degreaser will remove dirt, stains, soot, grease and even fire damage from your hard surfaces without causing any discomfort thanks to its non-fuming, skin-safe and non-toxic formula!
Why Choose The CarpetGeneral Power Degreaser? 
ï‚· - One Cleaning Liquid For All Your Surfaces – from car upholstery to garage carpets and from office interior carpets to concrete driveways, our degreasing cleaner is your #1 choice!
ï‚· - Less Effort, Less Water, Faster Results – stop scrubbing your surfaces or wasting water in order to get your surface squeaky clean. Our degreaser will require less effort and less rinsing in order to offer you optimal results! 
ï‚· - Make Your Surfaces Bacteria-Free – now you can protect your loved ones from harmful bacteria and other substances with our ultra-strong all-purpose degreaser cleaner! 
The Best Part? 
With the CarpetGeneral cleaning liquid, you get 3 products for the price of just 1, since it will act as a preconditioner, a cleaner and a degreaser, all at the same time!
Don’t Hesitate!
Click “Add To Cart” NOW If You Want To Bring New Life To Your Surfaces! 

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Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum


Forget What You Used!!

This is the real deal!

This made my carpet look brand new!!

It smells like death, like you feel your carpet is trying to chloroform you, so open your windows!! But it cleans for sure!! It takes about a day for the smell to go away.

Dont buy the crap at Walmart buy this!! It’s legit!!

My carpet has been well kept up for 20 years old. I’ve had people ask me if I got new carpet after using this!! I just bought two more bottles!!

Posted by Amazon Customer on 8th Apr 2021

The scent was very minimal. There is no directions on mix ratio. I went through the gallon fast as I did not mix with water in my carpet cleaner. Did get some bad stains lifted.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 10th Jan 2021
Works like it should

Worked well on a filthy truck

Posted by Amazon Customer on 15th Nov 2020

It cleaned pretty good. Kind of scared that it’s corrosive

Posted by Amazon Customer on 19th Sep 2020
It Works!!

Excellent result fast drying. Recommend it.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 6th Aug 2020
Great product even better value

1. This product is amazing. It works great to clean stained carpet.

2. Even better, is the value. The product is concentrated, meaning a little goes a LONG way.

With the price and results, you can't beat it!

Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2018
Does what it says

Pros - I like the product, works well. Cheap. Good customer service.

Cons - Shipping was a bit much but works out in the end for significant cost savings. The label was all wrinkly on the product.

Overall I would recommend this, I have a house full of carpet. This will last a while

Posted by Caroline O. on 1st Mar 2012
Great for the price

I had a messy living room with stains everywhere, I bought 1 gallon and only used up about 1/4 of it to clean my whole living room. The instructions were a bit hard to read on the label but I was able to figure it out. Add 8 parts water to 1 part chemical, doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

It took care of everything I needed it to. For 6 dollars plus a few dollar shipping I couldn't beat the price.

Posted by Denise B. on 25th Feb 2011
Great product for such a low price!

I just started my own carpet cleaning company,so finding great cleaning supplies for an affordable price is very important, I stumbled on this site by chance and I'm so glad I did! Commercial strength chemicals so cheap! I thought it was either a gag or a misprint, but it is true! there was a misunderstanding with my order but they correct the problem and gave me extra to compensate for my inconvenience.I will definitely be a life long customer!

Posted by Mr. Hicks on 3rd Nov 2010

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