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CarpetGeneral Carpet Defoamer 5814 - Protect Your Vacuum and Clean Better

SKU: CDF-5814 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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The Best Carpet Cleaning Defoamer Is Brought To You By CarpetGeneral, To…
… eliminate the foam created in your vacuum unit

… to save you money on cleaning products waste

… to safeguard your equipment against rust caused by moisture
We have released a premium anti-foam carpet cleaning product that will turn cleaning of your home & workplace carpets into a faster, easier, most enjoyable task!
The Top Quality Carpet Cleaning!
Foam DOES cause you headaches while you are cleaning your room, pet, car or office carpets, as it fills the vacuum unit, restricts visibility and makes you empty it prematurely, wasting your carpet detergents.
Let alone that it restricts the efficiency of the bonnet cleaning method, as it does not allow the bonnet to absorb dirt and soil from the carpet fibers, leading to poor cleaning results.
CarpetGeneral Carpet Defoamer 5814 will ensure pro standard cleaning results for your carpets, saving yourself money, energy and time! 
Protect Your Equipment From Damage!
It is a premium silicone emulsion, non-corrosive and with a neutral pH, to make sure your extractor machine does NOT rust and does NOT suffer damage that will limit its lifespan.
It is a milky, safe, CONCENTRATED defoamer liquid, created to prolong your equipment life and add convenience to your home or professional carpet cleaning projects.

Great For Carpet Extractors & Wet Vacuums 


Do not apply directly to carpet. Dilute 1 to 2 ounces of concentrate to 1 gallon of water.

Carpet Extractors: CarpetGeneral® Carpet Defoamer 5814 can be applied directly to the extractor recovery tank walls using a hand sprayer or by pouring 1 to 2 ounces into the end of the extractor vacuum hose with the machine running. For excessive foaming, increase amount of product used. If foaming occurs during cleaning, spray CarpetGeneral® Carpet Defoamer 5814 directly into foam in recovery tank as needed.

NOTE: Avoid spraying on hard or resilient floors as it may cause slipperiness.

Wet Vacuums: Pour CarpetGeneral® Carpet Defoamer 5814 directly in vacuum tank at a ratio of 1/2oz. per gallon capacity or suction directly into vacuum hose.

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Ships in 1 Gallon Plastic Jug, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drum


It works but expensive

I use this item in my Edic Commercial Carpet machine. It works good but you do need to use a decent amount of it per 12 gallons that goes into the clean tank and it is pretty pricey for needing to buy a jug every other month when I have a lot of carpet cleaning work.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 21st Aug 2020

Nice would buy again

Posted by Amazon Customer on 14th Aug 2020
Great Product!

Highly recommend. I have washed my carpets many times from fostering dogs. Other cleaning products got very foamy and was difficult to not leave a residue. This product left the carpet clean without all the foaming. Would buy again.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 1st Aug 2020
Great defoaming product

This was used to prevent foaming in the shampoo cleaning device.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 12th Jul 2019
Worked great

Works great with my carpet cleaning machine. Had a bath foam spill in the carpet. This worked great to reduce the foam.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 10th Jul 2019
great stuff

I had used a lot of "Spot remover" sprays because of my 17 year old dog who was peeing on my carpet. After She died I
started the deep cleaning project which created a lot of foam from my previous spraying. This product served the purpose & eliminated the foam.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 5th Jul 2019
Used it for years—best in class.

This product does exactly what it says and and does it well. We have used it in the past and have never found anything better. It was recommended to us by a professional carpet cleaner years ago and we have used it with great success ever since.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 28th Jun 2019
I like everything about this product it works great

I like everything about this product it works great

Posted by Amazon Customer on 27th May 2019
it works

Minimizes/eliminates foam in my carpet cleaner recovery tank.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 15th Nov 2018
money saver

This has saved me so much money. My machines are lasting longer and we are wasting less.

Posted by Earl on 26th Sep 2018
Defoamer for carpet cleaner machine

Works well. It defoams.

Posted by Amazon Customer on 13th Sep 2018

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