Boothcoat 5140 - Clear Peelable Coating to Protect from Paint and Enamel Overspray

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Here’s How To Keep Your Paint Booth Walls & Lighting Fixtures Clean & Healthy!
Are you worried about your paint booth walls getting covered with stubborn paint or enamel stains?
In search of a reliable car paint booth peelable spray paint to save yourself the tiring scrapping?
Look no further!
General Chemicals is revolutionizing the world paint booth protective products with a professional peelable paint!
Get Your Hands On A Premium Peelable Paint, Created For Your Convenience!
Enough with wasting time and energy scrubbing paint & chemical stains in your paint booth!
We have released a high-end protective paint booth spray that will slash application time, making your painting task easier, faster and more efficient.
Why Choose General Chemical Corp Boothcoat 5140?
Because it is manufactured by the leaders in the world paint booth protective sprays and it is the result of long research and expertise.
In this way, Boothcoat 5140 stands out among the many similar products flooding the market:

  • It is resistant to water, alkali and heat
  • It is made for effortless application 
  • It cuts in half application time with the use of increasing temperatures up to 130ºF 
  • It creates a uniform thick layer when cured
  • It facilitates removal, as it comes off in sheets 
  • It is non-flammable & VOCs-free: a safe for health & ecofriendly peelable paint 
  • It is a MUST-HAVE for wall, & lighting fixtures protection
  • It provides reliable waterproof & anti-rust protection  
  • It is smartly formulated for sag control on vertical surfaces

So, Wait No More! 
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Ships in 1 Gallon Metal Can, 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 55 Gallon Open Head Plastic Drum

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Booth Coat 5140

We use this product to coat our production stencils.
Been using it for about ten years. Have not found anything better.

Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2018

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