All Purpose Cleaner 1998 - General Purpose Cleaner to Remove Paint, Ink, Marker, More

SKU: PC-1998 Weight: 9.00 LBS
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product description

All Purpose Cleaner 1998 is a water based, alkaline cleaner formulated to provide effective removal of uncured solvent or water base paints. As such, it is ideal for removing paint from paint booth interiors, paint kitchens, and equipment. All Purpose Cleaner 1998 can also be used in mop & bucket operations and floor scrubbers to remove paint tracking and spills from floors. It also finds utility as a general purpose cleaner for floors, windows, and walls to remove soils and stains. 

- Ideal on paint, marker, and ink
- Multi-purpose product
- Water based 

Recommended Application
1 Spot test on hidden area.
2 Dilute product. Use 1 - 2 ounces of All Purpose Cleaner 1998 to 1 gallon water.
3 Apply by spray, brush, rag, or sponge. Once applied, allow to remain in contact for 5-15 minutes, depending on severity of soil.
4 Rinse thoroughly. 

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