Rust Inhibitors

Water based rust inhibitors for ferrous metals:

GENPRO 1260: is a synthetic rust inhibitor designed specifically for ferrous metals. Its strong bonding to the metal surface provides a long lasting corrosion protection by monomolecular film formation,These rust inhibitors can be easily removed by water rinse.

Premium Quality Water Displacing, Vanishing Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor for Ferrous and Non ferrous Metals:

G90ENPRO 33: is an outstanding water displacing, vanishing, rust and corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non ferrous metals. As a corrosion protection agent, It provides protection under conditions ranging from indoor, h4igh humidity environments to the most severe outdoor, ambient temperatures. GEN PRO 3390 exceeds 1200 hours of protection when measured according to ASTM D-1748. It also meets the requirements of ISO 6743-8 (1987) Category ISO=L-RF. GEN PRO 3390 one of the rust inhibitors leaves self-healing soft waxy residue, which is readily removed by solvent or alkaline cleaners.