Marble Polish 9720 for Marble care is a ready to use polish for interior floors of marble, limestone, and terrazzo. It is designed to be used with either 00 or 000 steel wool pads in a spray cleaning operation using rotary floor buffer. Marble Polish 9720 remove minor scratches and produces a moderate to high gloss finish. Frequency of use depends upon wear, traffic patterns and desired appearance. For daily cleaning use Marble Care 9670 Neutral, No Rinse, No Residue Cleaner.


Excellent cleaner. Ready to use. Compatible with a wide variety of marble, limestone, and terrazzo. Produces a durable surface. Creates a slip resistant surface. Does not contain wax. Does not require stripping.


Use with 00 or 000 steel wool pads in a spray cleaning operation with a rotary floor buffer. Used on floors with a dull appearance to increase gloss. May be used on floors to clean and maintain appearance levels on a daily basis.


Marble is a natural substance. Chemical reactivity can vary greatly. Test on an inconspicuous area before using.
Marble Polish 9720 for Marble care is a ready to use product, do not dilute. Safety glasses, a dust mask, and rubber gloves must be worn when using this product.


Cleaning the floor:

  • IMPORTANT! Before applying the first application of Marble Polish 9720 for Marble care, the floor must be completely clean to remove any wax, dirt, and sealer.
  • Strip the floor using Marble Care 9690 Marble Sealer Stripper
  • If the floor has visible groutuse a stiff brush and Genkleen 9700 Grout Clean to clean the grout.
  • After stripping, rinse the floor twice with clean water and a clean mop. Allow the floor to dry completely.
  • Clean the machine to remove any stripper.

Polishing the floor:

  • Shake the large container Of Marble Care 9720 and fill a spray bottle. Adjust the spray nozzle to a slight stream spray. Shake the bottle often during use.
  • Apply product to the floor with a trigger spray bottle. Apply only enough product to uniformly cover the area selected
  • Place a clean steel wool pad under the floor buffer. As the pad becomes wet and loaded with polish, turn over or change
  • Apply Marble Polish 9720 to the floor, then buff with a side to side motion until dry. Overlapping areas already polished. Move to an adjacent area and repeat. Rotate in four sections until l the desired shine appears. Then move to four new sections. NOTE: if the floor does not have a high gloss after three applications of Marble Polish 9720, the floor may not have been cleaned adequately or it was no completely dry.
  • For the first application, at least three treatments will be needed to obtain the desired shine. The best results have been obtained obtained when the floor has a good shine and feels slightly sticky when walked on. CAUTION! Do not over buff. Buffing dry may cause the floor to be slippery
  • After polishing, buff the corners by hand with a small steel wool pad to remove any residue and to even out the shine

Before using read the MSDS for precautions!
WARNING: Contains magnesium silicoflouride. Avoid contact with yes or skin. Use only with rubber gloves, a dust mask, and safety glasses.
FIRST AID: Call physician immediately. SKIN: Wash with soapy water. Clean under finger nails. EYES: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Call physician. INGESTION: Drink large amounts of water followed with mineral oil or egg whites. Call physician.

INHALATION: Move person to fresh air. If unconscious call physician.

Container disposal: Rinse container three times with water. Then offer for recycling, or reconditioning, or in a sanitary land fill (dump), or if allowed by state and local authorities or by incineration. Stay away from the smoke.