Excellent indoor rust protection Soldering Fluxes,flux, solder flux,Lubricants,Metal Cleaners,Radiators, copper,brass,brass and Aluminum Resists formation of sludge and varnish to ensure clean systems and long oil life.
Water based productProtects metal surfaces during operation and long periods of shut-down.
No fire hazard associated with solvent based products
Economical to use
Environmentally friendly
Does not contain nitrites or halogenated compounds


GENPRO 1260 is a synthetic rust inhibitor  designed specifically for ferrous metals. Its strong bonding to the metal surface provides a long lasting protection by monomolecular film formation, which can be easily removed by water rinse.


GENPRO 1260 should be diluted to 5% – 20% concentration with water. The above suggested concentration depends on the desired longevity and storage environment (humidity and temperature).

GENPRO 1260 may be applied by dip, flow or roller coat procedure. After application do not rinse the coated metal parts. Allow always the metal parts to completely dry before packaging and/or storage

Typical Properties: Yellow liquid
Specific gravity………1.09 (9.08 lbs/gal)
pH Concentrate….. ~10.7
Water Solubility 10% solution…. ~ Non-flammable..…….Complete

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