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Proxitane AHC

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product description

Proxitane AHC is an EPA-registered disinfectant (EPA Reg No. 68660-11), effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 


Perfect for hard surface disinfection in and around industrial and institutional facilities, including animal housing, farm equipment, poultry hatcheries, schools, veterinary environments, recreational facilities, office buildings and more. 


Product is shipped as a concentrate to save on freight costs. Simply dilute 2oz of product to 5 gallons of water.  *Please note, once product is diluted, it needs to be used that day.  Diluted product cannot be stored.


Proxitane AHC breaks down in the environment to vinegar and water, does not stain, and leaves no harmful residues. 



Application: Proxitane AHC may be applied via spray, wiping, or fogging.  

For fogging applications: Make sure to avoid foggers that use heat.  Make sure wetted materials are compatible. Examples of foggers can be found here: https://www.domyown.com/fogging-equipment-c-29_193.html

For sprayer applications: Choose one constructed of plastic for all wetted parts.  (Some metals i.e. brass, may corrode over time.)  Examples of sprayers can be found here: https://www.domyown.com/hand-pump-sprayers-c-29_189_735.html


*Pricing and lead time subject to change. 

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